The Australian Government has some nerve. Last week, the Australian High Court ruled that refugees sent to Australia for medical reasons can be legally deported back to Nauru, and nothing the Government has said since then has expressed any intention to the contrary. Today, the Foreign Minister announced as part of some sick joke that Philip Ruddock, who as Immigration Minister shared no small part in furthering the policy and infrastructure of mandatory offshore detention for incoming refugees, would become Australia’s first special envoy for human rights upon retirement.


Moderation is bullshit. Stay true to your desire. If you desire something authentically, and in the process get to know the object you desire, you will realise that it is conditional on its negation, in the same way that light implies dark, and self implies other. You will realise that its presence implies its absence. […]

I dream of Cleopatra- The refugee girl on Macedonian shores Thirsty in the heat. In her pocket, Pain forged into a knife. A song hiding in the reeds, Heavy rituals to bury the dead Claimed by the water’s greed. Do you remember When scholars and bards Drank on her beauty and guile? Her dreams are […]

Every now and then, I drop off the surface of the Earth. I sleepwalk past the invisible edge which invisible hands have pulled back for me. Like a blind Coyote, I am adverted by neither gravity nor wind until it is too late. And then I return, only half-convinced that nothing actually happened. You can’t […]

I write the devil so he may appear. He is gone before I feel his tender flame Or the stroke of fear. I write oxytocin deep in the vein, And as the ersatz voice whispers her name I am gone before I appear. Letters coil around my neck, The Balrog’s whip, tight, Asphyxiated, I give […]

Amidst the viral wave of deepdream pictures hitting the web, there has been a conspicuous absence of analysis or commentary about the artistic or philosophical significance of this phenomenon. It is clear that deepdream is more than just a filter. The network’s algorithms detect certain aspects of each picture and process each segment accordingly. The […]

Much has already been said about the strategic significance of the decision by the Greek people to reject the bailout and the terms of austerity it imposes. To me, the negative power of this vote in the face of rampant, destructive ideology finds its most resonant historical echo in a short phrase repeated over and over […]

We often deal in irony when we don’t want to be seen as caring too much about something. Beneath the obvious aloofness within people’s questions about my motivations when travelling, or other similar conversations I have overheard, lies a fascination with the idea of finding oneself, of travelling as a time for self-discovery and epiphanies. […]

Tighten your tweed jacket and roll up your Mustang windows, folks! These feminists have arrived, and they’re going through the notches on your bedpost and finding more rape culture than you can poke your privilege at. And look, they’re breaking some windows. God forbid, they might actually be trying to get our attention! Seriously, has […]

On any battleground, whether military, personal or ideological, Sun Tzu is called on as a reliable sage. So, in between fervent volleys of tiresome inaction from the trenches of climate action, I shout: “keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer!” This last week, activists and academics around Australia, most notably The Climate Council and the University of Western Australia, […]