How do we unite around an invisible challenge that is everywhere and nowhere at once? If modern warmongering teaches us anything, it’s that civilisation’s forward march still relies heavily on its myths. While the ways we wage war have become ever more subtle and technological, its ideological cover continues to be heavily steeped in symbolism […]

Today, I watched a video taken by a drone cruising over Collaroy, in Sydney’s coastal north. The sand was barely visible; the beaches obliterated for the duration of this storm as the waters took their weary revenge on the metal and asphalt structures from which they had been exiled. It was the future attacking the past. The present, […]

Not all great art is divisive, not all divisive art is great, but sometimes art’s divisiveness uniquely points to its greatness. The transition of the artist Anohni, formerly known as Anthony Hegarty, into a woman appears to have had little success in marketing itself to the world. A unique artist whose fearless mixing of emotive […]

Porque no los dos? The Shattered Cup

Legal Education, Privatization and the Market arrives at an important juncture for law students and graduates, at a time when the sheer number of said graduates in Australia is higher than ever, and opportunities in the sphere of commercial law appear ever narrower. Furthermore, the demographic that this group falls within, predominantly Gen Ys in their twenties, finds its progression through various quarters of life hindered by a range of economic, political and cultural factors, including a lack of affordable property, the rise of unpaid internships, the renewed regulation and privatisation of entertainment and cultural life, and a political class apathetic to concerns about its future. It is also a time when various Australian universities are embracing a business-oriented approach to education, marketing and student services. For example, my own alma mater, the University of Sydney, has itself announced that it will consolidate undergraduate courses into fewer, larger faculties, offering standardised degrees more in line with the needs of the global market.

One of the most memorable symbols of Lilly and Lana Wachowski’s 1999 film The Matrix was the red pill which Neo selected as part of a choice that Morpheus presented to him, between blissful ignorance and dialectical freedom. Since then, that symbol has been appropriate by the MRA community to represent the (false) choice of […]

Formerly a very occasional smoker, I wish to weigh in on a debate in which nuance is too-often lost. I want to make a very simple observation derived from various experiences all over the world in which I shared a smoke with someone or observed them settle into this habitual activity. Almost without fail, these individuals […]

The Australian Government has some nerve. Last week, the Australian High Court ruled that refugees sent to Australia for medical reasons can be legally deported back to Nauru, and nothing the Government has said since then has expressed any intention to the contrary. Today, the Foreign Minister announced as part of some sick joke that Philip Ruddock, who as Immigration Minister shared no small part in furthering the policy and infrastructure of mandatory offshore detention for incoming refugees, would become Australia’s first special envoy for human rights upon retirement.

Moderation is bullshit. Stay true to your desire. If you desire something authentically, and in the process get to know the object you desire, you will realise that it is conditional on its negation, in the same way that light implies dark, and self implies other. You will realise that its presence implies its absence. […]

I dream of Cleopatra- The refugee girl on Macedonian shores Thirsty in the heat. In her pocket, Pain forged into a knife. A song hiding in the reeds, Heavy rituals to bury the dead Claimed by the water’s greed. Do you remember When scholars and bards Drank on her beauty and guile? Her dreams are […]