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The Red Pill

One of the most memorable symbols of Lilly and Lana Wachowski’s 1999 film The Matrix was the red pill which Neo selected as part of a choice that Morpheus presented to him, between blissful ignorance and dialectical freedom. Since then, that symbol has been appropriate by the MRA community to represent the (false) choice of […]

Patriarchy’s broken windows- have protest movements gone too far? (Or not far enough?)

Tighten your tweed jacket and roll up your Mustang windows, folks! These feminists have arrived, and they’re going through the notches on your bedpost and finding more rape culture than you can poke your privilege at. And look, they’re breaking some windows. God forbid, they might actually be trying to get our attention! Seriously, has […]

Happily ever after?

Among the important ongoing debate about marriage equality, a crucial question has fallen a little by the wayside, or else been addressed ironically in comments like “straight couples have been able to endure the travails of marriage for thousands of years, why can’t gay couples suffer the same?” That is the question of whether marriage […]

Online dating and the cost of romantic freedom

I have been uneasy with online dating for a while. It clearly remains a controversial topic, entering general discourse either as a “guilty pleasure” or a “pragmatic solution” to modern problems of time-poverty and diminishing intermingling between established social groups. Recently, around the time I was reading an interesting piece condemning how critics of social media […]