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We Need to Slow Down Nature Tourism

This article was originally published in We Are Explorers. Today, few secret pristine spots remain secret, or pristine, for very long. Take only pictures and leave only footprints. These are perhaps the two most broad and important nature conservation commandments for explorers to follow. There are few things more satisfying than keeping a slice of nature […]

Myth and extinction

How do we unite around an invisible challenge that is everywhere and nowhere at once? If modern warmongering teaches us anything, it’s that civilisation’s forward march still relies heavily on its myths. While the ways we wage war have become ever more subtle and technological, its ideological cover continues to be heavily steeped in symbolism […]

Reflections on a storm

Today, I watched a video taken by a drone cruising over Collaroy, in Sydney’s coastal north. The sand was barely visible; the beaches obliterated for the duration of this storm as the waters took their weary revenge on the metal and asphalt structures from which they had been exiled. It was the future attacking the past. The present, […]

Know thine enemy: Bjørn Lomborg

On any battleground, whether military, personal or ideological, Sun Tzu is called on as a reliable sage. So, in between fervent volleys of tiresome inaction from the trenches of climate action, I shout: “keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer!” This last week, activists and academics around Australia, most notably The Climate Council and the University of Western Australia, […]

We Can Do Better Than Generational Tribalism

Another week, another opinion piece adopting a stance of generational tribalism, either patronising Generation Y for their apathy and their transient lifestyles or condemning the Baby Boomers for destroying the planet and holding back progress with their out-dated conservatism. While there is truth in both sides, what is missing is some perspective on the political […]