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Demolish the fairground spectacles

‘Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!’ tells the inscription on the all-but-extinguished remains of the statue in Percy Shelley’s now-mythical poem, ‘Ozymandias’. Time itself has waged war on the statue and its very meaning: the source of despair is no longer its grandeur, but the forcefulness of its wearing away at the hands […]

Troll the People

The Australian Government has some nerve. Last week, the Australian High Court ruled that refugees sent to Australia for medical reasons can be legally deported back to Nauru, and nothing the Government has said since then has expressed any intention to the contrary. Today, the Foreign Minister announced as part of some sick joke that Philip Ruddock, who as Immigration Minister shared no small part in furthering the policy and infrastructure of mandatory offshore detention for incoming refugees, would become Australia’s first special envoy for human rights upon retirement.

Know thine enemy: Bjørn Lomborg

On any battleground, whether military, personal or ideological, Sun Tzu is called on as a reliable sage. So, in between fervent volleys of tiresome inaction from the trenches of climate action, I shout: “keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer!” This last week, activists and academics around Australia, most notably The Climate Council and the University of Western Australia, […]

Beware the Ides of March?

For a protest that inspired over 100,000 people to converge around the country, March in March has received very little mainstream media coverage, an oversight that betrays the Liberal tendencies of editors all over Australia. I attended the March and saw the families, the climate activists, the academics, and the socialists wielding anti-Abbott placards. No […]

King Hits and the fear of death

The O’Farrell government’s incoming lockout and sentencing laws in response to “King Hits” are ill-conceived and groundless. They are ineffective solutions to a problem that barely exists. And, just like other moral panics throughout the ages, they bring out the worst in us. You can always tell the media is brewing a bullshit story when […]