Our daily lives are filled with the relentless flow of economic activity, academic inquiry, relationships, desires, and all the other movements that confront us in the modern world. Occasionally we need to slow things down and enter solitude, letting the ideological curtains fall and leave things as they are- things. People as people. Sensations as sensations. Words as words.

Such lucidity may be found in unexpected places. The wreck is where our world seems to be headed, as it turns over a new crisis every few years and generates unfathomable amounts of waste. That which used to carry passengers across the Earth is now a metal container, rusting in the desert. The flashing billboards of our great cities may one day call to explorers from the depths of the ocean. Yet at the wreck, this giant social and economic machine grinds to a halt, and things become things again. Thus here we can take a step back, a step off, and maybe, just maybe, a step forward.

Take a look around; take a moment to read. If you have any thoughts, send me your comments via a reply or to e.montoyazorrilla@hotmail.com. Enjoy.

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