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Legal education- success but at what cost?

Legal Education, Privatization and the Market arrives at an important juncture for law students and graduates, at a time when the sheer number of said graduates in Australia is higher than ever, and opportunities in the sphere of commercial law appear ever narrower. Furthermore, the demographic that this group falls within, predominantly Gen Ys in their twenties, finds its progression through various quarters of life hindered by a range of economic, political and cultural factors, including a lack of affordable property, the rise of unpaid internships, the renewed regulation and privatisation of entertainment and cultural life, and a political class apathetic to concerns about its future. It is also a time when various Australian universities are embracing a business-oriented approach to education, marketing and student services. For example, my own alma mater, the University of Sydney, has itself announced that it will consolidate undergraduate courses into fewer, larger faculties, offering standardised degrees more in line with the needs of the global market.