Monthly Archives: January 2014

We Can Do Better Than Generational Tribalism

Another week, another opinion piece adopting a stance of generational tribalism, either patronising Generation Y for their apathy and their transient lifestyles or condemning the Baby Boomers for destroying the planet and holding back progress with their out-dated conservatism. While there is truth in both sides, what is missing is some perspective on the political […]

King Hits and the fear of death

The O’Farrell government’s incoming lockout and sentencing laws in response to “King Hits” are ill-conceived and groundless. They are ineffective solutions to a problem that barely exists. And, just like other moral panics throughout the ages, they bring out the worst in us. You can always tell the media is brewing a bullshit story when […]

Happily ever after?

Among the important ongoing debate about marriage equality, a crucial question has fallen a little by the wayside, or else been addressed ironically in comments like “straight couples have been able to endure the travails of marriage for thousands of years, why can’t gay couples suffer the same?” That is the question of whether marriage […]

Waking up from Groundhog Day in the era of the gif

UPDATE 10/06/16: having re-read this now, I realise that I had as much of a grasp on my subject matter as Tom had on Jerry’s tail. In my hopeless search for redemption, I’ve decided to vlog my somewhat less stupid current understanding of time. Upcoming. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose The more it changes, the […]

Online dating and the cost of romantic freedom

I have been uneasy with online dating for a while. It clearly remains a controversial topic, entering general discourse either as a “guilty pleasure” or a “pragmatic solution” to modern problems of time-poverty and diminishing intermingling between established social groups. Recently, around the time I was reading an interesting piece condemning how critics of social media […]