A moment to reflect on a personal joy running parallel to that of our recent climate-driven election. In late 2020, when the English Premier League resumed upon a league ladder in which Liverpool FC winning their first league title in 30 years was effectively an inevitability, I joked that Liverpool’s resurgence as champions coincided with […]

This piece was originally published in Overland Literary Journal. In Australia, Covid has not tipped the scales in favour of labour and against capital. Our challenges remainthe same as ever. One of the running themes of these crisis years has been the various attempts to make virtues out of necessities. If the upsurge in mutual aid […]

This piece was originally published in Overland Literary Journal. And everybody knows that the Plague is comingEverybody knows that it’s moving fastEverybody knows that the naked man and womanAre just a shining artifact of the past (Leonard Cohen, ‘Everybody Knows’) As the Omicron strain brought the spread of Covid-19 in Australia to new heights in the […]

This piece was originally published in Overland Literary Journal. Very many books, and articles for that matter, are guilty of a sin that should seldom be forgiven: just as they begin to gather momentum, to open new doors just as they have closed others, they come to an abrupt end. Of course, it is not […]

My interview with Maree Dellora on Peru’s President Pedro Castillo can be found here. The political juncture I describe may be a little out of date, as things change fast in this realm.

This piece was originally published in Overland magazine. Are we well, Australia? What does it mean to be ‘well’ in 2021? The well-being of society under COVID has become a matter shrouded in fog. GPD and stock market curves have receded into the background, giving way to daily indicators of cases and vaccinations. The lens […]

This article was originally published in Flood Media. Who went to see the New Year’s Eve fireworks in Sydney? Judging by the traffic closures, the crowd control barriers, and the tents pitched around vantage points a day in advance, a lot of people. This annual event was a perfect representation of Sydney’s public life and […]

This article was co-written with Angus Isador and originally published in Flood Media. “Man has always loved his buildings… but what happens when those buildings say ‘no more’?” – The Simpsons In the leadup to the 2019 federal election, a friend visiting from India remarked that Australia has “the highest number of ridiculous political moments […]

What does it take to bring about change within a conservative profession? This question may appear moot at a time of industry-wide changes brought about by technology, diversity and cross-industry competition as if change were inevitable. Yet, for lawyers bound to the office for such long hours that having a life outside of work becomes […]

This article was originally published in Arena magazine. Artists have long been associated with the poor, derelict quarters of cities. But it is only in the last few decades that art scenes in general have sought out such areas as their habitus. Marginality has become an important component of artistic capital, and working-class and industrial […]